In today’s episode I provide a brief introduction to the awesome service delivery technology, Consul!

Yes, it is a k8s service mesh, and, yes, it is a service discovery solution, and, yes, it’s an awesome highly scalable key/value store, but how’s it all three? Learn how they are related in…

In this episode I’m joined by Michael Fraser of refactr to talk about DevSecOps.

Coming from the ops side, Michael’s desire to simplify security automation derived from personal experience in stitching together security tooling to support delivery/deployment pipelines. Knowing how many security technologies weren’t developed from an API first perspective…

Trying to remain focused and productive with children around can be difficult. Intense focus and “I want a snack” are definitely incompatible. In this episode I share how I balance productivity, guilt, and being a good parent throughout my day.

Feeling guilty about productivity ruins your work day, and your…

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